🇮🇪 Dublin in One Day

Are you planning a trip to Ireland? Don’t know how much time you should dedicate to Dublin?

We have you covered!!!

While it is the largest city in Ireland, you can cover a lot of ground in Dublin in one day. Our family had the opportunity to visit Ireland at the end of the Summer of 2021 for 30 days. We rented a car and drove our way around the whole country. Of all our time that we spent in Ireland, we really only needed one full day to explore Dublin. Based on our first hand experiences, below is our recommendation on how to tour Dublin in one day!

A few tips before we start …

(1) It will be a full and busy day. Start early and rested!

(2) Don’t be afraid to use public transit when you need it. Google maps has a very convenient option that allows you to switch between walking and/or public transit routes. Depending on how much you plan to use public transit, you may want to consider the Leap Visitor Card. For us, we didn’t use transit often. It was more economical to just buy tickets as we needed them.

(3) Take at least one meal “on the go”. A quick breakfast from a pastry shop is perfect for this!

(4) You do need to book your tickets to The Book of Kells (get them here) and Dublin Castle (get them here) beforehand.

(5) Weather changes quickly in Ireland. Be prepared!

Dublin in One Day - Itinerary

⭐︎ Before lunch

Trinity College, Dublin
Trinity College, Dublin

▻ Start with a stroll through St Stephen’s Green. Even better with pastry and coffee in hand.

▻ Walk about 15 minutes over to Trinity College’s Old Library arriving in time for your timed tickets to see the Book of Kells.

▻ In the spirit of literature, check out the Oscar Wilde Monument in Merrion Square.

⭐︎ Around Midday

The Temple Bar, Dublin
The Temple Bar, Dublin

▻ Head over to the Temple Bar district. This is where you may want to save some steps and take public transit. Explore the lively area full of brightly colored pubs, cobbled stone streets, and boutique shops. Have some lunch from one of the traditional pubs. Don’t forget to at least take a peek at The Temple Bar Pub or maybe even grab a pint.

▻ Walk down by the River Liffy and look over at the North Lotts district.

▻ Arrive at Dublin Castle for your scheduled tour time. Before leaving the area take a look at Christ Church Cathedral and/or St Patrick’s Cathedral (pending your love for churches). You can pay to tour the inside if you would like as well!

⭐︎ Late afternoon into the Evening

Guinness Storehouse, Dublin
Guinness Storehouse, Dublin

▻ For the late afternoon I would choose to do one of Dublin’s brewery or distillery tours. The main ones to choose between are Jameson Distillery, Teeling Distillery , or Guinness Storehouse. Our family toured Jameson Distillery and had an absolutely wonderful experience. We also walked to Teeling Distillery and Guinness Storehouse hoping to just get a drink but this wasn’t possible unless you had a tour booked. Depending on your fatigue level you may want to use public transit at this point.

⭐︎ Evening

After a busy day, if you still have more energy, I recommend heading back to the Temple Bar district to experience some of Dublin’s nightlife. We personally did not have the energy for this nor are children allowed in pubs past 9 pm. But if your circumstances are different, I hope you get the oppertunity to experience Dublin’s nightlife!

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When you may want to consider more time in Dublin

(1) You have interest in exploring more of Dublin than mentioned above.

(2) You are traveling with a large group.

(3) You’re adjusting to jet lag.

(4) You want to experience more of Dublin’s nightlife.

Please note this is only a “suggested” itinerary that is intended to assist you in planning a trip that would work best for you and your traveling campaigns. Your travels may look different based on the needs of the members in your group, ever-changing travel restrictions, and the weather.

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