🎉 July 5, 2021 - Introduction

Written By Tommy

🧳 Welcome to our travel blog!

As we come out of the pandemic and are able to return to traveling, we decided to start a travel blog. Amanda and I began traveling and growing together in 2002. After 12 years and many trips later, we welcomed Evelyn, our amazing little girl, and we became a traveling trio. Evelyn has been the perfect travel companion to us. She loves life and wants to try and do EVERYTHING!

Before having Evelyn, our family and friends told us that once you have kids, you will not be able to travel at your current pace. “It’s not like you can just throw her in a backpack and continue to travel like that” was a common statement. But that is exactly what we did.

🚧 This blog is very much a work in progress. We have a large backlog of stories to tell as well as current adventures we want to share as we embark. Our goal is to connect with other like-minded families who are driven by travel and help others who would benefit from our experiences. While primarily focused on travel, we feel that what it takes to make someone a good traveler is the same as what it takes to make one a good human, so no topic is really off limits.

Please see our About Us page to learn more about the three of us.