Evelyn has been to Germany 3 times

Evelyn learning to walk in Frieburg, Germany
Evelyn learning to walk in Frieburg, Germany

Germany has always had a special place in our hearts. Tommy’s family is from Germany, his father born and raised there until the age of 10. Germany was the first destination in Europe we traveled to and where our obsession of travel originated. We made several mistakes. We packed too heavy. We rented too big of a car. We rented a car instead of taking the train. But it was still amazing.

It is no surprise then, that the first place in Europe we took Evelyn was Germany. Our first trip there was when she was 14 months old and we stayed for 3 weeks. In previous trips, we were on the move a lot, changing cities every few days. Since this was our first international trip with our daughter, we decided to be less nomadic. We stayed a week in Munich, a week in Frieburg and a week in Bacharach. Our flight over was rough with Evelyn not really sleeping much. She wasn’t crying and fussy per se, but unsettled and flailing a lot on us. When we landed, you could tell she knew something was different. She was very quiet, but eyes wide open and taking everything in from the safety of her backpack carrier. That first night was rough trying to get her to go to sleep while we were crashing from jet lag. We made it through and from then on, we were all on a good sleep schedule. After a day or two, Evelyn picked up on the routine of traveling and site-seeing and would press us in the morning by trying to climb into her pack if we were taking too long as if to say “come on guys, I have things to see and pretzels to eat!”

Our second trip to Germany, was during Christmas of 2016. Evelyn was 2 and half years old. We started our trip in Prague, then traveled to Stuttgart via Dresden. The Christmas markets in both Dresden and Stuttgart are amazing. Christmas is just a fantastic time to visit Germany.

The third time we traveled to Germany was in 2019. We started out in Speyer to spend some time with family. We then drove across the country to Saxon Switzerland to do some hiking near the Czech Republic border. We then hopped across the border to meet up with some friends in Prague. Finally, we ended up in Passau, Germany to start a week long bike and boat trip along the Danube (more details of that trip to come).

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