Travel Blunders

The Internet would lead you to believe that traveling is all sunshine, gelato, and moments of zen. This is false. No matter where you go or how you choose to travel you will to some extent be pushed out of your comfort zone. Engaging in a travel lifestyle will challenge you mentally and physically; pushing your brain and body to its limits.

This section of our site focuses on all those not so perfect travel moments we have personally experienced.

Whenever talking to someone about their recent travels, Amanda loves to hear stories about their travel blunders: those moments when things didn’t go as planned or were less than ideal. By no means does she find pleasure in hearing of others’ misfortunes. It is the answer to her follow-up question that motivates her: “Despite this, would you still have gone?”.

A true traveler will always say “Yes!”. Despite some of the worst case scenarios, there is something about travel that is addicting. It always leaves you yearning for more: to see more places, meet more people, and learn new things!

Please enjoy some stories of our own travel mishaps. Nothing has managed to stifle our passion for exploring yet!

One of Amanda’s favorite quotes is:

“It’s not an adventure until something goes wrong.” - by Yvon Chouinard.

🇮🇸 The Tale of the Dead Volcano

In the summer of 2021 our family had the opportunity to travel to Iceland for 11 days. Despite travel restrictions around the globe, Iceland was welcoming tourists. Not only that but Fagradalsfjall once again began actively emitting lava earlier that spring making it the perfect time to check Iceland off our bucket list.

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